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Force Master PvP question


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So, I'm not a PvP player, but I recently did the lvl 30 PvP quests as a FM, and had a lot of success.  I specced into frost, and I feel like after a brief learning curve on how to Q/E and escape (using 4-2 as a "get away" combo), I basically just stunlocked everybody and facerolled.  Here was my core spec:


1: 3-4

3: 3-3

RB: 4-1

Z: 3-3

X: 4-2


And then I basically just spammed RB/1 and used Z/X/3 on cooldown, switching to fire stance to regen focus when needed.  I feel like this is far from optimal, so I assume I was just playing against bad players.  Any FM PvP players that can give me any tips?  If I continue to PvP, what should I expect to see when I start playing against people who know what they're doing?

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