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EU Cross server crash again...


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Hello, the cross server are going crazy again, disconnecting from dungeon, back to character selection when entering a dungeon after a matching... etc...

3 days in a raw, yay.... that and the spam that makes faction chat just un-usable... keep going...


And btw, you can't report someone from the cross dungeon search lobby, you can just block (nonsense but whater, need a fix), as there too there is a lot of spam from goldretards.

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I have been having same exact thing for two days now,every time i do a dungeon thru f8 or do the arena  i just crash harder than Roswell UFO. Happens during last boss,or just after  the loot during auction. Im thrilled about it

Just fix it so we can play pls,thanks

And it is not the common crash to desktop Razer or whatever the hell other issue,i get the standard ingame error whoknowswhatsnumber window,then back to queue 

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