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BladeMaster - Summon Sword Stance Question


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So, i piked BladeMaster mostly because of the Summon Swords skill. I am lvl 21, and at lvl 20 i received The Summon Sword Stance (1 min cc) + 5 skills that use it (18 sec cc)

Is the stance broken? I dont get it. When i have the levitating swords on my back the normal attack is still the one from Basic Stance.


I saw a lot of youtube videos with people using i think something called "Consecutives Strikes" in Sword Stance, visually trowing one sword at a time in the enemy at the cost of 1 chi ball, until you run out of chi balls. I don't see that skill anywhere.


All i got is 5 skills that trow all swords at once for very low damage. Some don't even make sense. For example one skill i can upgrade to reduce cooldown from 18 seconds to 9 seconds. But it requires Summon Sword Stance and that has 1 min cooldown WTF.


So is Consecutives Strikes missing or something?

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Thanks for posting on the player to player support forum.


Skills you saw in that video may be inside the updates to come. I have played both the Chinese server and the Korean server and know what you’re talking about. Sadly NA and EU servers don’t automatically start off where the other servers are at. We are way behind.

So yeah to answer your question, some skills are missing.



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