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Friendliness PSA ;p


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By all means there's no reason for any player to follow these small suggestions, but it makes for a nicer community the more people get into this mindset.


  • If you get a random PK in between towns and far from respawn points, be polite and don't finish people off to make them backtrack. Now if they are right next to the respawn point, hah. Who cares.
  • Don't spawn camp people at respawn points. Isn't it more fun to wait for them to load and have a real fight again?
  • If you do spawn camp and the player's a noob, please keep doing it and teach them about the surrender option.


This is just stuff I tend to do cause it's fun enough to get the jump on someone and win, or reverse someone else's jump on me. (Actually if they jump you first, lul, finish them off).


No need to stomp on people after I attacked them outta nowhere though. I usually let them crawl away.




I come from a low pop server where PKs are infrequent though, I'm sure high pops have tons of people camping in key locations.

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