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Breakthrough Weapons


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Okay, so I have a dumb question, but I need to know if I am wasting my time lol


I'm trying to breakthrough my weapon for a second time, but I need a Blight Staff, as far as I know, the only way to get one is from the Blackram Narrows dungeon, hoping the final boss drops one, or use a Brilliant Viridian Key on the lock-box.


I know the Brilliant Key forces a Class-Specific weapon, but what I want to know, is CAN the lockbox give me a Staff if I use regular keys, or will it randomize every class BUT mine (See, stupid question lol)


I've done all the dailies in Viridian Coast, TWICE, and never got a Brilliant Key, I've gone through the dungeon with a group 5 times and even soloed it twice, and never got the staff to drop.


Am I wasting my time using regular keys hoping for the Staff or should I get a lock box and grind dailies until I get the Brilliant key?


Finally Dropped.  Not the key, the weapon :P

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Regular keys are random loot when opening a box (hongmoon or normal normal keys). The next breakthrough point for my weapon (Exile dungeon loot) I used 46 keys and never got my staff or a drop form the boss that was a staff (though I saw 2 outfits drop and got my pet a outfit).

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