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Weapon Upgrade


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I'm having a hard time advancing my bangle. I have maxed it out at 5 and trying to break through to level 6 and even after loading a blighted bangle, still is at stage 5. I just don't understand how the weapons are upgraded in this game.  I'm struggling in my game as I am leveling up (slowly) with old weapons that are too low for the areas I am advancing to.


Did I use the blighted bangle too soon? Can I remove it? Do I have to start over?


All help is much appreciated and thanks in advance.

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here everything you need to know: http://bns.endgame.pk/bangles/main_tree


Also site as full guides to the Hongmoon jewellery: Ring, Earring and Necklace, Try to follow them and try to upgrade as and when you can, Weapon as priority, they will be your best gear end game, you could as i did skip some jewellery upgrades and return later when you higher lvl and solo dungeons for the upgrade peices

Have fun and enjoy the game :)

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