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EU Servers Location -game is unplayable-


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If you are from Germany and have "Deutsche Telecom" as a ISP its not unlikely that a VPN will help its more like highly possible that it WILL help.

Just my 2 cents. I happy that i know that problem now for years and know how to fix it if i rly want too.


And like i said, VPN is not a ban reason, NC-Soft did say if a few times they tollerate it but dos not support it, there are some false bans here and there where you have to contact the support to get your account back.

But for me i dont care, i can live with the risk the other option is to turn the vpn of  i did this on Monday and well i had laggs lasting around 10 seks or even more , its unplayable.

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I use Wtfast it works very well. But frankly i only use it because its easy to setup und just "tunnels" the game data.

And i dont want to go to the trubbel to searching for a trustworthy other VPN, and most of them tunnel all your stuff and i dont want to do it.

But for AoC a friend did setup a VPN for me did work too.

It will work if the person dos not has the same ISP as you.

for example my leveling patner right now has absolut no laggs he could provide me with a vpn too.


But i sick explainig it over and over again, just try a vpn trail and see if it helps if not no dmg done its not this problem or leave it be i am just trying to help.

And its the same story again and again, the user blames the MMO provider "because other games dos not lag", the MMO provider blames the ISP "because it is the ISP" , the ISP blames the MMO provider "because only this game laggs".


And btw the NC soft guy just confirmed that BnS has the same datacenter then GW2, and in GW2 the laggs started again too i wonder why.

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Download PsPing from Microsoft.



psping (must include port #10100 for TCP ping, not ICMP ping).


Same tools Youmukon is using. It simply provides TCP response time though.


You're still going to be limited by the fact the game client/server throttle packets to 1 every 150ms on average (the reason for 150ms latency in resmon).


There's no way around that. It's a common MMO limitation to increase server capacity and save costs.


Essentially, ping is misleading, at least when below 150ms. It may be 50-100ms or up to 200-250ms before the packet reaches the server and is processed.

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Are you using a Asus computer by any chance? To save time i will not wait for your reply and will explain a potential solution that worked for me. Most if not all Asus laptops and stationary computers have something called Gamefirst III. It's a priority program of some sort. It decides which program and/or app will have more bandwidth and for some odd reason B&S is set as the lowest priority which gives you 150 - 200+ ms. Even if you have never used it and set it up like i never had, it will still cause this ping problem with B&S.


If you have an Asus, try and find Gamefirst III and open it up. Start B&S to make it see it and put it at normal - higher - highest priority. Whichever priority you feel like. I do not think uninstalling Gamefirst III will work because in my case i never even knew it existed and so i had never started it and set it up but i was still getting up to 200 ms in B&S. Never on anything else which makes me believe that Asus may not like B&S NA/EU for some reason.


I hope this helped. If not, bummer. Hopefully you can have your problem fixed somehow.


Edit. I have 40 - 50 ms now as i should have after i changed the priority.

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i found the issue on my side, for some reason im connection to USA servers all the time, when i pick north america or the europe in my launcher it never actually connect me to EU servers,. anyone have any idea how to fix it/why this happen?


this is freaking retarded, i thought i was playing on EU servers all the time, but seems like im not, visual glitch on server list for me? huh?

there is no other way to explain this thing.. is it?

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