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[SOLUTION] Marketplace "Temporarily unavailable"


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I've had this "temporarily unavailable" marketplace issue for several days now. One thing had me curious was 


1. Marketplace works fine on my laptop / same windows 10 / just lower specs / same internet settings etc 

2. Marketplace displays "temporarily unavailable" on my desktop which is substantially higher spec / same windows 10 / internet settings [tried resetting internet option while attempting to fix] 


After countless attempts at fixing the issue, I did Windows update check for both computer. Laptop was up-to-date / desktop had some errors.


If you are having "temporarily unavailable" issue, please check the following to see if you are also getting windows update error. 


I thought that Windows automatically update whenever there are updates available (to back this idea up, I did occasionally get "UPDATE RESTART" prompt every now and then) 

But apparently it wasn't downloading ALL the updates that were released by Microsoft. 


You can check for updates manually and if it gives you get error 0x8024401c, you may be in luck to solve the issue.


There were many other reasons causing error 0x8024401c according to various tech supports on the forum but non of the fixes that were deemed "solution"  worked for me.

One thing I found out is, the error may also happen if you are connected to internet using ethernet cable. Who would've known that for fk's sake! 

So I popped open my desktop and reinstalled my old wifi network adapter, connected to the same network through Wifi.  Tada. now the windows update is working .


If you are not using ethernet connection and still get the same error, then I have no clue as to what's causing it. Sorry. 


After done updating, I reconnected to my ethernet network, re-launched the game to find out that the market started working. 

No wonder that my laptop had the marketplace working and my desktop didn't. 


Hope some of you will find this helpful and if this method didn't work for you, 

 I'm sure the GMs will solve your issue sooner or later :D 




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Thank you for the information.  I've spent the last week playing this without the market.


I just spent the last 2 hours trying to figure out how to fix this permanently after realizing that my Windows update wasn't working either.  I finally resolved the issue after doing the following. 


(on Windows 10)


Network and Internet


Change Adapter options

Right click your adapter and go to properties

"Uncheck" Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

Click apply (may need to restart PC, I did to be sure)


I can now update my PC and I've confirmed that the marketplace now works.  I don't deserve credit for this, someone on the MS community site figured it out.  A lot of other websites like youtube are actually working much faster for me as well.

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