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Soul Shield Guide Color


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I'm making a Soul Shield guide and would like some help with the color scheme of the spreadsheet layout.

I have these two options so far but would like someone with experience in coloring and good sense of style have a got at it so I can use those colors for the guide.



I'm adding a link here to the sample spreadsheet.

http://1drv.ms/1QoRgNo (.zip file with .xlsx and the font at the title)

Please send me a re-colored version of the spreadsheet with your proposed color scheme and I'll add you to the credits if I choose it once the guide is completed.

Send me messages through this forum message option (clicking on my username) or by posting a link on this thread.

Please be hasty as I want to get this started so I can continue playing BnS, this project's already taken me 3 days working non-stop, just in the preparation stage XD



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