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Why does summoner have an invis escape?


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First of all I don't think summoner is OP. I've won against them several times as a sin, they're annoying but beatable.


However, I don't get why the devs decided to give them an invis escape/counter or whatever it is. As far as I know the only other class that has invis escapes is sin.


It doesn't make sense lore wise. If you wanna say *cricket*ing magic then NCsoft might as well give an invis escape to FM. 


It's also stupidly annoying on summoner since all they're going to do is run away. They don't have an incentive to actually come close range, so any other class attempting to knock the summoner out of stealth better be fast before the summoner escapes. I'd rather have summoner get a diff escape/counter than give it invis.


invis is the sin's gimmick, it shouldn't be given to summoner for ez escape. At least that's my opinion.

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Mind elaborating on how invisibility isn't lore-friendly for Summoner?


Mechanically, I'd guess the developers decided that Summoner needed a way to disengage in a way that forced the opponent to focus on the familiar for a few seconds. That's kinda their thing.



Aside from that, it's sorta like asking:

- Why do LBM get a spin move? That's Destroyer's thing!

- Why do LBM get a force grip? That's Force Master's thing!

- Why do Warlocks get a pet? That's Summoner's thing!

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