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How to do the hokey-Pokey ?


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I'm a level 15 BD and I'm working on the quest "That's What It's All About". Now we aren't talking about the hokey pokey dance, just to be clear, but rather a large boss scorpion ~


I had this warning that told my my level was too low for the quest, but it let me go ahead and do it anyways. I've cleared all the ploggles(?) out of the... dungeon? If that is what this labyrinth-like place is called, idk. ;-;

Now I'm sitting at Pokey, who already nearly killed me on my first attempt to slay him, and I'm wondering, as I look through all my quests related to this one, if I'm really too low of a level to defeat him? I hardly put a dent in his health bar before he killed me the first time. Actually, it didn't even get under 90%... LOL ~

I'm also soloing as well so, should I just come back later at a higher level? Or are there any tips that might help me before I go in and potentially kill myself for realsies this time? ;u;

k thanks in foresight ~

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