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EU Arena lag...unplayable


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I monitored my latency throughout multiple arena fights tonight after noticing severe skill-activation delays*.

During fights, my ping fluctuates between 35ms and 300ms! That's an insane, unacceptable amount of fluctuation, rendering the game unplayable (at least against competent players in arena, which this is about).


Whenever I ping the EU datacenter I see stable hops with no packet loss in a margin of 4ms between 37 and 41ms.

I live in Bavaria and ping as low as 15ms to independent servers in Frankfurt- 300ms are at least 270ms too slow. I ping lower to another MMO's servers located in SoCal than I do your gameserver in my home country, it's ridiculous.


Teething issues are expected in the first month, but one would have to be very generous to call unplayable ping of this calibre within 250km distance "teething issues" in a game with multiple betas and years of having been released in multiple other iterations- especially since my research has revealed that this has been a problem for months.


*This is not arena-specific, btw, most people playing KFM could probably attest to this shit happening in PvE also.

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Same issue, last night was horrible for me, unplayable lag in pvp arena 1v1 and 3v3 thats gets me bored of losing my golden rating. Tried reloging the game many times and nothing changes.

Hope this to be investigated and resolved soon.

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The is absolut no lag for me, i had no problems since launch if i dont count in the dcs.

But i use Wtfast, without it ...well it would be unplayable i tryed it a few days ago and had laggs that lasted 5-10sek.

Because my ISP *cricket*ing sucks...thanks telecom for makeing every new MMO unplayable without a VPN.

Try a VPN guys and see if it fixes your issue with laggs.

If its the laggs that i have NC soft will do nothing about it because its a ISP problem with bad rooting, and no that dos not mean your general Internet or other Games will lag. I will just mean THIS game with THIS rooting will lag, GW2 struggels with the problem now for years, and every now and then its borderline unplayble without VPN for a few players.

Its caused by one "choke point" having to mutch load on the root to the Server, most of the time its rly near the Server, its called "Level3 laggs".

The only MMO that somehow fixed this without loosing alot of players...well you can guess WoW (they had it in...i think late 2006 or something). I dont know how they did it maybe datacenter in a few diffrent locations or paying some ISPs to get better rooting dunno.


EDIT: haha i checked the GW2 forum right now ...the problems are back there too...i kinda wonder if blade and soul and gw2 are in the same datacenter.

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