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Chapter 10 Story Line Question - Can't Find Jinsoyun


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So in Chapter 10: The Burning Fields, there are multiple steps within the quest. I just finished many of the steps but I'm now stuck on "Find Jinsoyun." So I went outside the building where Baymu was (after rescuing her) and I went to the yellow indicator where Jinsoyun should be but there's nothing. It's saying she's outside of the building but she's not. And she's not inside either. I searched a bit online and I found another person having the same issue. So I'm not sure what's going on. Is it a bug or am I just stupid? I'd like to figure it out so I can progress. Any help is appreciated.





Ohhh it's downstairs in the building. I didn't know there were stairs. Welp. Guess I'm just stupid.

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