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Launcher crash lead to 15gb data lost. Help please!


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After I managed to download the 15gb or so of data required to play the game started normally. I closed it to do something else while the remaining files were downloading but when I tried to start it again, it didn't work. I read a whole lot of forum posts about a problem with windows 8.1 (and other versions, I'm still speechless 'cause this bug has been around from months and they claim to have fixed it). Anyway, I tried the easier solution I found (which didn't involve seemingly scammy youtube links): uninstall the launcher and reinstall it. Pretty simple. Well as soon as I uninstalled it, all of my files from the other folder were gone.

Now, I'm not downloading 15gb of files again, my bandwidth sucks and I don't feel like wasting time, BUT if there is a solution to recover the files and fix the launcher, I'd be glad to try this game out.

Thanks in advance!

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