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I'm weak? haaalp?


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I'll be honest, I love mmo's but I hardly play them so therefore, I'm not the best... buuuut I'm trying, so don't be too hard on me pleease. ^^;


I made a blade dancer and I've been pretty strong up until now (level 30) but now I'm kind of lost. I seem so weak and I die very easily when I go into fights. I've been training my skills and I've been equipping every soul shield that's a high enough level to equip but nothings helping. Is there a blade dancer guide for idiots out there? if so someone please link me to it.


I'm playing with a xbox remote because I find it easier but every time I gain a new skill I can't use it because I don't know which buttons to press lol.


yes I'm a noob, I apologize, please help... ; n ;

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