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FPS drops and stuttering


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Even if i disable UI and I'm alone i have fps drops from 60 to 25-30... While in combat i have crazy stuttering and i cant play.My pc isn't the problem cause i can play other graphically demanding games without problems.I tried many things to stop stuttering but i didnt managed to fix it. I defraged my hdd , disable HT , unparked cores ,overcloacked gpu , updated new drivers but nothing happened... I have windows 10 but i don't think that's the problem

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Disable Physics

Turn off Motion Blur/Advanced Blur

Drop Shadows


This boosted my FPS by 10 - 15 and now I never sink below 45 and am usually over 80 + Open World.


It seems the engine pre-loads entire maps, or extreme distances. I've noticed being across the map and seeing quest markers from NPC's, etc.


I think the game is just not that optmized, it's not really you. I'm running a decent rig.

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