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A couple bugs Noticed during PVP.


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This thread has been created after I played some Arena PVP's on my Blade Master which quite frankly picked at me, the slight irritation was not due to the various losses I had slightly outnumbering my wins but due to the couple of bugs which restricted the use of my character properly, though few they were, they were sufficient enough to make it so that single slip up in various rounds led to an instant counter burst by the enemy and a latter loss. As I can only speak for Blade Masters at the moment others feel free to comment if they've experienced bugs on their classes as I'm sure it would be very helpful to the B&S team if they come across said thread.


The first bug  I noticed was that for the Blade Dancer sometimes when using my Q skill - Blindside, when transitioning into Blade Stance, my character would still be facing their same direction instead of towards the enemy like they normally would, this seems to happen more when trying to counter an enemy attacking me in both PVE and PVP.

The second bug I came across which was rather odd I found was that when using the Reversal skill while being smacked in the face by Kung Fu Masters, for some reason no reversal would seem to occur, I read through the skill a couple times seeing if the error were on my part, but it says,
"Escapes from Grapple, Grab or Phantom Grip
When using in response to an enemy attack Triggers effect",
perhaps I'm wrong but it's just after being attacked or during their attack this is meant to be used, I tried both a number of times but to no avail did my character reverse the grapple other than once.


If this is my own faults and there is nothing wrong in the skill itself for anybody else, I apologize but for myself these 2 occurrences above are not what I think is meant to happen with said skills. If anyone else feels they have noticed anything they think is wrong or buggy during PVP's or PVE feel free to post as mentioned earlier, or just comment if you feel I was wrong in my use of these skills.

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