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Best soulshields lvl 45


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Okay, i makeee so much mistakes i have spend around 20+ hours to grind the full poh epic set and enchanted these with Elite crit soulshields, only to find out that other players wonderd why i bid so high on these soulshields and that the moonwater arena set is way better for a blademaster... *sigh* is this true? since now im farming this set for hours -_-


what is the best  set for blademaster? and since were already on this topic, i will be playing Warlock when it comes out what soulshields are best on that class, and on what substat should i focus? thanks!

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Really depends on what you are looking for. 


I am running 2,7,8 of the Moonwater PvP set and 1,3,4,5,6 of the Dokumo Crit set. 

This gives me 2200+ crit 100% accuracy, 915 Crit Damage, and still about 27k HP.


But I also keep the entire Moonwater PvP soul shield for when I need high HP and defense. Putting me at close to 40k HP. 

You have to figure out what you are doing and when to decide which soul shield is going to work the best.



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First of all, you are fine using the POH soul shields. it is not true that the Moonwater Arena set is "way better" for a blade master--POH soul shields are focused more on offense, while the arena soul shields are more on defense. The arena ones mostly have more HP, wearing a full set would give you about 8-9k more hp than the POH ones. The extra HP is just a safety net depending on how comfortable you are with doing content. You really don't need 35k hp to do the current content we have, and if you are comfortable with running ~26k HP then clearly you are better off using POH soul shields for more offense (crit).


You can always get the arena soul shields still and put them on your alternate slot and swap them around depending on the activity you do, which is what most my friends and I do.


One thing to note though, when using POH soul shields, there is big big variation when it comes to the stats you can get on them. An example of this would be on soul shield 8, you can get ~130 crit, 160 crit, or 189 crit. The HP varies a lot on all of them too, with very low HP pairing low stats too. You would salvage those and get a new one if you happen to get one of the bad ones. Yes rip your unsealing charms. Moonwater soul shields have variations too, but they're less drastic in difference so whatever you get is usually good.


As a blade master, the only thing I can think of where you would probably for sure use the arena soul shields is if you are tanking the Blackwyrm where the extra HP can save you from a mistake or two.

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