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Descriptions on skills/items not working correctly


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Gem that does +60 additional damage (triggers on attack) doesn't ever factor in damage dealt nor in stat window.  I figured it had some sort of proc rate but doesn't ever show.  I only spent about 50 minutes studying the damage and character screen/refreshing it ect, but it showed no signs of any added damage. Possibly I'm mistake?  The Crit gem as well.  It has a 2-function, activates only once every 30 seconds, for 2 seconds immune to damage (this one works) and for the +10 crit, I've never seen that one activate in status window.  I know the game is laggy with the menu and it takes pretty precise timing to pull it up or hitting refresh to show the current stats but that has never showed up there.   Awakened Blight staff has a chance to activate +9.3% crit rating, (I didn't do any tests on this one besides character menu)  This does not show up in the menu as well.  The skill Rumble Bees Teir 2 Stage 1 (Summoner skill), After crit Rumble Bees become instant cast and also free focus cast.  (I don't know about the instant cast, didn't pay close enough attention to that to notice 0.3 > 0.0 cast time) however, the free focus cast doesn't ever proc.  I've tested with critting with the skill Rumble bees itself, and other skills such as thorn, and also basic LB (left mouse button) attack, Rumble bees were never free cast.  Was really easy to test with 40%+ crit rating. 

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