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Game Won't Start


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Windows 7, Service Pack 1 (6.1.7601)


I only started playing this game yesterday.


I played once, a couple hours into the game and it crashed. Since then I have tried to restart the game and It wont run. After I enter my login information and click login, the Login menu just disappears and the nothing else happens. The game doesn't start, I don't even get an error message.

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3 minutes ago, MaTrixn said:

For me it stuck in the 'Download repair files' and take long time to pass this stage. Then when I try a cross server dungeon, every thing freeze. I can't use skills and party members don't move!

Please start your own thread instead of hi-jacking mine. Im looking for a solution to my problem and not looking for stories about others problems that have no relation to my issue.

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