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Poh/Boss question


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 I've done poh and the 4 blue dungeons lots of times, and have memorized the bosses pretty well, but one thing is bothering me....

Other than memorizing their attack patterns, I cannot find any other indicator(flashing a certain color, buffs. etc) that let me know when I can do stun/knockdowns.  

 Is their anything other than memorization that would indicate when bosses are immune to CC's?

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Take a look at these two little bars under the healthbar.

Transparent => CCable

Grey => Not CCable

1 Blue/ 1 Transparent => 1 more Knockdown needed for Knockdown

2 Blue => Knockdown

Red / 1 Transparent =>  1 more Stun needed for Stun

2 Red => Stun


Hope thats what you mean :)

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Under the HP bar of the Boss you see 2 small boxes.

No how it works:

If you use 1 Daze, one of these boxes will get filled (I think it was blue). If you or a party member use another Daze both boxes are filled and the boss is dazed. If a Stun or Knochdown is used after the Daze, the first box will get overwritten by the new CC. So you/ you team has to use two of the same CC to Daze, Stun whatever the Boss.


Now to the Bosses in PoH.

Those boxes are both filled white when they are immune. At a specific time they will be empty for a short period where you can stun, daze whatever them.


Hope it is clear what I want to explain :D


Edit: Looks like someone was faster^^

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