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Ping Issue


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Have you tried using a speed meter on your Internet to test any drop rates?


Try this global test: http://www.speedtest.net/


Remember to check your background activity from your TaskBar and End unwanted software(s) that can slow down your game.


You can also Tone down effects to speed up your computer by disabling  some or all of the many fancy visual effects they apply to various actions. This will allow faster performance when opening up web pages and less for making files appear to spin or unfold when you open them.


In Windows go to your your  Start Menu, navigate to Control Panel > System and Security > System, click option named "Advanced System Settings" in the Performance section click the Settings button to select or deselect visual options.


These are some ways in which you can help boost your internet performance, amongst many other obvious solutions like free up space, check for adware etc..


If you're getting that high ms in games and on browsers, then it could be your Provider having Technical issues. That being said, many other players are experiencing high FPS drop rates (even i am and i have super fast internet) which does interfere with the performance. Therefore meaning a big technical issue overall. Remember, R&S has only recently come to different regions, so expect issues like this to occur.  

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Yesterday i was playing the game 6 hours+ with stable 60-70ms. 


After last night's authentication server issues I'm getting stable 200-210ms. This game is now unplayable.


Today i called my ISP to complain and they told me nothing has changed on their side, everything is at it was. They also ran some test on my line and verified that everything is OK.


What is happening? How can I fix this? I ran speedtests on various websites using Frankfurt servers and I'm getting around 70ms ping and 50Mbit download.

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Do take notice your connection to the server can sometimes be screwed up if you regularly go into integrated servers such as cross server dungeons and the arena. That is because someone thought it's a good idea for a part of the B&S EU servers to be hosted in Austin, US.

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I have similar problem.

My ip is changing every 24h and if my ISP will give me 217.* or 83.* game lags as hell. Only 31.* is playable.

And BnS EU isn't EU.. looks like servers are located in NA.

Check location of or

So actually the question is - when BnS EU will be fully EU?

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