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Character Size Question


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Hello everyone!


Yesterday I could finally create my Character in the European Server, but I noticed a thing that bothers me a bit. I tried the game in the Russian PlayBNS server in december, and created a relatively big Gon Destroyer there. I loved how big the character was next to other players and NPC-s. So I created a just as big if not a little bigger Gon in the European server yesterday, but the ingame model became much smaller than I expected. In the Character Selection menu, the character is just as big as the russian version was, half of his head cannot be seen. But ingame, it's just as big as almost any destroyer Gon bamboo guard NPC. And the most interesting thing is, I set everything on the character at max height except the calf height, and still there are several Gon players who are taller then me, and a lot of them are just as tall as me. Dunno if it's a bug or not, but I need an answer cuz it bothers me very much.


Thank you for your answers in advance! :)

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