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Really no word on the missing Radiant Ring recipes?


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This is absurd. Radiant Ring is supposed to be able to make accessories. They're not there. At all.

When you use the first hidden recipe for Radiant Ring, you get... nothing. Nothing at all.


I'm okay with all the crafts besides Warden/Potter being relatively worthless, but outright broken? Fix your game.

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I have a ticket open for that since the second day of the early access.

This is the last reply in recieved yesterday for this issue



Our QA team has to investigate. Once they identify the problem , the development team has to resolve it. This can take some time. Because of the widespread nature of this problem updating a player regarding it via a ticket doesnt really work.

The forums is the best place for game updates. Let me know if you have any other questions.


GM DeeJay
NCSOFT Support Team


Looks to me that they acknowledge this as a bug.

I asked them if they could add this thing to the "know issues" List so every plaer can easyly check the status of this issue and not open an extra thread.

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