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Verifying Files Issue (problem 99)


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Because this game seems to have ninety nine problems, and now, our lovely files have become one of them. Yes, a bad joke I know - but it's 4 am where I am and, honestly, being the insomniac I am, I couldn't care less so LOVE IT.


In any case, I'm sure other people are experiencing this issue (and many more,) with our beloved baby-mmo, but I decided to screen shot it anyway just in case nobody is experiencing it.




Now i have had issues with the server in the past and normally it would clear up on it's own because...BnS magic, I guess. However just in case this becomes a bigger problem, I'd like this to be here - besides, some of you might actually know how to fix it. And if now, now the staffers have a thread to see that there's something wrong...I guess.


I really have no idea. ^^;;

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