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The item cannot be evolved??


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13 hours ago, CortiCarta said:

Without more information not sure how we can help on this. First do you have the correct item  to evolve any gear? 2nd is the item unsealed? 

I'm trying to evolve a normal item 'sword lv22' and it's not sealed, but it says that this item cannot be evolved. It doesn't allow me to add items to evolve it anyway.

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13 hours ago, ImHeartless said:

the hangmoon weapon is your endgame weapon, all other weapons are just to feed your hangmoon weapon

That makes sense. So only hongmoon weapons can be evolved? I'm still playing with the lv3 sword I took from a quest but it's maxed. I was trying to evolve a lv22 weapon so I can get better attack dmg.

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