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Noob questions about OW PVP


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I am a total pvp noob in general. I don't like pvp, especially not open world...

But this system interests me so I want to learn more about it.


I'm lvl 27, have just reached The Scorching Sands and I'm playing around with the OW PVP trying to figure out how it works.

I understand what the prestige points do, and how that mechanic works.

But I cannot for the life of me figure out what you actually use the contribution points for... :P

All the "IN DEPTH AMAZING PVP GUIDE!!!!"s that I can find are pretty much just explaining prestige to contribution exchanges, but they aren't saying WHY you do it :P


Then I'm wondering about the currencies.

I understand the beans.

I understand the crafting insignias.

I think I understand the Insignias from the opposing faction. Do I get those only by killing specific NPC's?

Are there more pvp currencies on top of these?


I'm also curious about if there really is no way at all to prevent people of much higher rank from killing lowbies?

I'm assuming they don't actually get my points if they are much higher lvl than me.

But the problem is of course that I'm still losing them.

I mean, is it really unreasonable to punish a player for killing someone who is a much lower level?

If there is a symbol on the player I'm targeting that lets me know that this player is 10 or more levels below me, and I will LOSE 1 prestige point for killing him, wouldn't that work?

And then, of course, if that player strikes first, I will be allowed to kill them with no penalty.

I would really like something like that.


Thanks for reading!

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That would be a sort of karma system I guess which has been used in other games and is also often abused. :/

It is true that high level ganking can be an annoying problem and I usually have the curtesy not to attack low level players in open world.

However, some players just take the stance "take no risk" and kill every red name on sight, as by the time you see the opponents level you might already be dead if it's also a lvl 45. ;)

I only grudge people that do teleport camping in low level areas, as this means you have to undress, change channel, redress, just because of some kid with attention seeking disorder. :P

Rewards usually are zero once the opponent is more than 5 levels below you. Once you reach the lvl 43 PvP battleground many things can feel like ganking which actually are the normal to and fro of battle in that area. People band together and if one side gets the upper hand the steamrolling begins. If that is too nerve racking than smaller faction open world PvP ca be more fun (Tyrian-Stratus e.g.), or you do arena matches. :)

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