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Samja Boss Bug: Resets during the battle

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So my friend and i are fighting him basic stuff has 2 adds and the boss himself. Run in, kill the adds start burning the boss, staying INSIDE the room and kiting ect. He drops aggro runs back to center of the room, heals to full and resummons his 2 adds. I'm pretty sure thats not a boss mechanic, whole thing looks like a broken reset, if you keep fight to the glowing circle it works as intended but moment you leave that circle and try kiting around the room he breaks and resets its a pretty glaring issue for any of the ranged classes have to kite when they take aggro. 

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I'll bump this up since this is still happening. I've been running the boss a few times to get recipes, it doesn't always happen, but a good half of the times.
I haven't noticed a particular pattern for the reset, it happened even with the 2 adds still alive. In my experience it doesn't always reset even leaving that circle, but to be sure I'll try a few times to check this particular thing.

Edit: I can confirm now that there is no particular point of the room that automatically triggers a reset.

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Hi, I will necro this instead of making a new topic about it.

This is still a problem. It is basically impossible to solo.


Run on FM with and without freeze. I think I fought for about 30 minutes, it reset around 20 times.

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This issue was reported back in january and it is now july... Why have they not fixed it, even tho they had nerve to take green dungeons off of F8?!

On a more related topic, he seems to not keep spawning his adds if he has some decent amount of HP. I was soloing him and just when I was going to make the finishing blow, he reset and after that was when his guards would respawn endlessly. Very annoying and unnecessary...

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