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Clicked 'optimize for low end pcs' now I can't go back


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As the title says I clicked on the setting 'optimize for low end pcs and now my resolution is 800x600. Tried to change it but when I opened the options menu it was cut off by the tiny game window. Tried logging off and back on again hoping to change the setting on the character selection screen... 


I can't even see the bottom 'agree' button to continue. >_> 

Edit:  Found a fix =) 

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For Anyone who has this problem in the future here is how to fix this

Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\BnS\NCSOFT and run ClientConfiguration.xml with Notepad++, 
find these settings: tnAi105.png
and change the value of <option name='windowed' value='1'/> to 0: <option name='windowed' value='0'/>
and change the value of <option name='full-screen' value='0'/> to 1: <option name='full-screen' value='1/>

so it will look like this: MPb7HDC.png


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