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I can't get through the repairing stage


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18 minutes ago, Misseyna said:

Please help me, what should i do? I opened the launcher and it works fine till the repairing stage (the 85 bytes) and I am getting so frustrated :(


I've personally had this happen to me a few times, too. Sometimes restarting your PC up to a few times helps. Let us know if that helps.

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This happens to me every single time I log on. You need to keep trying and one time it will work. Sometimes it takes me 30 minutes or more just to log in because of this. Also, if you can't restart BnS after closing the launcher, be sure to end the process from the Task Manager. (I have to do this every time so I assume others must do the same.)  Has NCSoft addressed this problem at all yet? As far as I know, they have not even acknowledged its existence. 

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On 1/19/2016 at 3:18 PM, Butlah said:

Full EU workaround:

  • Download this file http://i.gflclan.com/start_client.bat
  • Place it in your BnS CBT\bin folder, alongside Client.exe.
  • It's contents: 
    • start client.exe /launchbylauncher /sesskey /CompanyID: "12" /ChannelGroupIndex: "-1" /LoginMode 2 -lang:English -region:0
  • Edit the file from region:0, to region:1 (for Europe)
  • Double click the newly edited start_client.bat file to bypass the launcher
  • Play!


This is the fix. (If you are on NA servers you don't need to edit the file obviously.)

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