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Issues with Soha server


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Forgive me if this is already a known issue, but I did do some digging around the forums before posting this, to no avail.


I currently have three characters, each on different servers. Earlier today, I was playing on my main character on the Soha server. I have already reached level 15 on this character, and have been using this server for a few days with no issues. But all of a sudden, it began to lag extremely badly, to the point where I could literally accomplish nothing but logging out. Any attempt to move my character would succeed for a step or two, then warp it back to its original position. Everything was moving extremely slow.


However, after jumping on both of my other characters, both of which are on different servers, I experienced no issues. The game worked flawlessly. I assumed the server was simply hiccupping, so I gave it a few hours. I played some on my other characters, then spent the rest of the day playing different games on my computer. It is certainly not an internet issue, or even an issue with the game in its entirety, because everything works flawlessly. Until I jump onto that specific character on that specific server. I've tried to play with that character at various points throughout the day, all to no avail. I am still experiencing this issue.


Any ideas what may be causing this? Is anyone else on the Soha server dealing with lag this extreme?


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