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Incomplete / Incorrect Skill Descriptions [Force Master]


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After playing Force Master for about a week, I noticed some incomplete / incorrect skill descriptions:

  • Impact
    • Does not state, that it can be used to escape knockdowns (+ when hit while casting knocks down for 1 sec).
    • Here's a screenshot of the tooltip when knocked down: http://i.imgur.com/1SqzivC.jpg.
  • Impact T1 S1
    • States "all attack and defense skills" which actually means, that it counts as an offensive-defensive skill, since it deals damage AND blocks attacks. This is totally unclear.
  • Frost Orbit (tooltip when hovering over the "buff")
    • Only states, that it inflicts 1 chill on the enemy when hit, after stacking 3 orbs, but inflicts chill even with 1/2 orbs.
  • Meteor Shower T3 S2
    • States "on every hit stacks 1 ember" & "2 additional ember stacks on burning enemy". That would mean 3 stacks on a burning enemy, but it's actually just two ("additional" should be removed)
  • Blazing Palm T1 S1 & Frost Palm T1 S1
    • "increases ranged attack speed" actually means "increases projectile speed". This is pretty unclear.
  • Blazing Palm T3 S1 & Frost Palm T3 S2
    • "increases attack speed" actually means "increases cast speed" / "decreases cast time". Not as bad as the other one, but could be clearer.


Would be nice if you could correct them.



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