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Got a month of premium, still can't send mail


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2 minutes ago, mrGoodkat said:


Just bought a month of premium earlier today, just noticed the mail still says I need to charge my ncoin before I can send mail. Would really like to be able to send an item to my alt :\


Hi mrGoodkat,


This may be an issue on our end. Please put in a Support Ticket so that we can help.

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As a programmer just gotta say it looks like you only check for mail validations(and maybe even other premium features) on log in, while this will work fine most of the time I doubt users who newly bought Premium Access would want to relog because they don't understand how short their new premium queue is. 

Possible Action Items:
1. Notify the player to relog upon activating premium mode (ensure them they will have premium queue and won't have to wait an hour to get back in)
2. Check for Mail validation upon reentering the mailbox only AFTER opening the ncsoft store. ( which would be I guess worse than option 3 because this would entail a callback that sets a flag for another watch on the mailbox which isn't performant... so yea, skip this choice)
3. Add a trigger with a callback that activates all premium functionality upon confirming a successful purchase.

Great game so far, thanks for the hard work on keeping the servers up. Despite the few outages this is still one of the smoother launches I've been a part of. 

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