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laptop suggestions


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shit, i dunno if this would go here or in general tbh, oops.


because i'm cheap as hell, i'm still working with my old af desktop pc that's running on winXP and still somehow managing to run this game at a pretty decent pace- honestly, it runs most games pretty damn well despite being old af, i don't get it but ok. as much as i hate dropping a bunch of cash on one, i figured it's definitely time to finally get myself something new- i just wanna pvp ok, and i can't do that with my determined little dinosaur. i don't wanna get another desktop pc, 'cause i'm tired of being stuck at my desk tbh- any suggestions on what's gonna work best? i was looking as a few things from asus's ROG series and something from msi that i forgot the name of, but those are both based on flipping through 'best gaming laptops 2015-2016' vids on youtube. i'm probably not gonna find anything good for cheap, so just y'know. whatever can keep this and other games going super smooth in player dense areas is good for me, so toss me some suggestions.

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In my country atm it's around 1 000 euro's. 

I'll paste you it's specifications. I won't translate them all as it's already pretty easy to understand what it says. You'll have to highlight it tho in order to read it. For some reason it displays the text white.

Rezolutie 1920 x 1080
Dimensiune ecran (inch) 17.3
Format Full HD
Tip procesor Intel® Core™ i7
Producator procesor Intel®
Model procesor 6700HQ
Numar nuclee 4 (meaning it's a quad core)
Frecventa procesor (GHz) 2.6 (usual frequency)
Frecventa maxima (GHz) 3.5 (overclocked frecuency)
Cache (MB) 6
Tehnologie 14 nm (skylake architecture - last generation)
Procesor grafic integrat Intel® HD Graphics 530
Capacitate RAM (GB) 8
Tip memorie DDR4 (which is awesome)
Frecventa (MHz) 2133
Memorie maxima (GB) 32
Sloturi de memorie (memory slots) 2
Slot 1 8 GB
Tip unitate stocare HDD
Capacitate stocare (GB) 1000
Interfata SATA
Viteza de rotatie (RPM) 7200
Procesor placa video nVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M
Tip placa video Dedicata
Capacitate memorie (MB) 4096
Tip memorie GDDR5 (which is awesome)


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