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Game crashing, restarting computer, other weird bugs - please help!


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Hi! For this whole weekend I've been trying to play this game to no avail/:

First I had issues installing - it took foreverrrrr. Multiple times something went wrong during the update so I had to start it again. Despite spending all of yesterday and today trying to download it I only just finished it a few hours ago.


After that I ran into some problems launching the game. The first time was fine, I was looking at the first page of character creation when my computer restarted, which I thought was strange but I tried to open the game again anyway. Now I had an issue with the internet. For some reason I was having proxy issues with IE, and after a few hours I finally fixed it by unchecking a box in the internet options.


So once again I made it to character creation, only to have my computer restart. Again, and again, and again. Nothing else is open, no chrome or anything. I also can't see anything Asus or razer in the service tab. I can't figure out at all what's causing this. None of my drivers need updating (from what I can tell) so I went to my graphic driver's website and (I think) downloaded the new driver (or god knows what) from there, restarted and tried again. I also messed around with other stuff that I saw being recommended on this forum so I'm not really sure what I've done to my computer at this point S: 


When I try to launch the game now I get to the main screen and the brightness on my laptop goes all the way down!? I have never even heard of this problem before. I turned it up in the control panel and it automatically goes down again after a few seconds. Then the game window shuts down.


Anyone have any clue as to what is happening?

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