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[Bug] Overflow Issues


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  • 7 months later...

This is not a bug, its intentional. It will always show when you have the last row of your inventory empty and all other slots filled.


Its meant to be this way to prevent your inventory from filling to leave space for items obtained via quests etc..

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If it really is intentional, then it's a pretty stupid idea. The overflow already exists for the sake of accepting quest items that don't fit in your inventory, and you could at least expect the player to have some kind of sense of inventory management. The annoyance you get from constantly having to accept items from overflow despite having plenty of room is one of my main sources of frustration with this game. If the feature really does have to stay, it could at least be reduced to only two or three slots. You really don't need more.


Alternatively, don't make the quest items take up inventory space at all. Have a seperate window for them, or make them like the letters you can open from the quest UI. The frustration really isn't worth having them be physical objects in your main inventory.

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