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Things I Wish I Knew Before


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Ok... lets help each other out.

Lets prevent some newbie mistakes, lets learn together and spread our "game wisdom" for a greater good.


Post things you think it's easily overlooked and could be useful to know before it's too late.


I'll start by adding one thing I noticed which isn't told during the tutorials.


- While performing "combo attack" with skill that has channeling bar, you can execute another skill before the channeling bar reaches it's end.

Example: as destroyer I can leap to target, grab it while it's stunned, smash his face while holding him until my channeling bar gets close to it's end. Than I can throw him to the ground as my channeling bar wasn't closed, and if he is still not dead I can just shove my axe in him while he is still on the ground.


Pretty deadly combo if performed to it's fullest. 


PLEASE, refrain from trolling and insults. There is alot of people who have 0 clue about this game here (including myself), lets prevent some newbie mistakes in this thread ;)

Looking forward to replies!

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1. Enhance your Soul Shields too!


After reaching the first wheel in the Foshi Pyres most players end up with tons of useless soul shield packs and weapons they can't use or trade. I've seen that after maxing out their weapon, a lot of players are just selling everything left to the vendor. DON'T! Salvage the weapons and soul shields for the rare Fusion Powder drop. You can then use the Fusion Powder to enhance all 8 pieces of your soul shield for some extra stats. Best to save the Fusion Powder for the level 20 Viridian Soul Shield, since you shouldn't be having to difficult a time with the mobs in the area, but the option is yours.

Note: Unfortunately you can't use the same type of shield for enhancement, for instance stalker shields can NOT be used to enhance stalker shields. But random pieces are easy enough to come by while questing, and if your really desperate low level pieces are generally selling for 10 copper or less right now on most NA servers.


2. Viridian Valor Stones


Those green Viridian Stones you keep acquiring can be used at the vendor in Jadestone Village, He's standing directly to the left of the bulletin boards. He sells some outfits for other currency, but his best items are the Viridian Soul Shield that you can equip at level 20. (buy it earlier than lvl 20 to avoid going back on urself)


3. Do NOT buy the Hongmoon accessories from the Viridian Vendor!


I added this in because I've seen quite a few players buy one of the Hongmoon accessories from him. You meet him right before you get the final piece of Hongmoon accessories, so just hold off you'll get the item as a reward in a few quests time.


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1. Don't waste unsealing charms. Only unseal items you need.  They're quite expensive early on. On a similar note, if you need money early on for something, just sell one or two unsealing charms. 


2. Don't unlock chests for items you don't need. Wasting keys isn't as bad as wasting unsealing charms, but it can still hinder you early on. Especially if you have really bad luck getting the weapons you need for upgrading. 

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After level 16 it takes 7 days to delete a character so don't go past level 15 if you're not sure you want to keep that character or stay on that server, especially if you want to reuse the name.


Green Viridian stones that you don't use in Jadestone can be used to spin the wheel of fate in Yehara's Mirage later on.


You need 11(iirc) Blight Fangs to upgrade your equipment at higher levels so get used to running Blackram...

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You have a damn limited selling count so stack items and try to sell that stacks but keep price a bit lower - game made limited market but didnt allow buying just one from that stack either.. ( what kind of marketing idea in mmo game i really didnt understand yet )

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Even if you aren't a pvp player, it may be worth it to pvp once a day for the daily. It gives you a chance at getting some good items and you just need to participate (you could go afk and give the opponent a free win if you really wanted).


Save your brilliant keys for things that require a ton of work to get. Like the Hakijur weapon which you can get one chest per day from a daily or require an additional key to get.


Purples like stalker weapons are easy to farm for and should not have a brilliant key wasted.


You can mail things to your alts if you have access to the mail system. Another possibility is to trade with a friend you trust.


Cross-Server dungeons generally have faster queue times than dragonspire due to all servers being involved instead of just yours.


Partying with players competing for the same quest drops/kills is more efficient than competing.


Summoners have the ability to heal the party if they are set up for party healing. There are several things that can heal you, including the flower they throw on targets. (Sometimes keeping the target alive for a few seconds will give you more hp than you lose from being attacked).


Some classes have AoE attacks. As an assassin, pulling an enemy away from the group will only make the fight take longer. Same with ice prison for FMs. Assassin's swap works fine even from a relatively close range.


Some explosive devices have friendly fire. Beware of going afk near areas that have those.


If you plan to die or expect to die, unequip your weapon first.


Escape is a valuable tool. You will likely eventually get stuck and need it.


When re-entering a dungeon, first make sure everyone has left. Otherwise, the dungeon may not be reset when you enter.

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Beware of the treasure chests in the solo dungeon areas!


1. When your new you'll no doubt come across treasure chests at the end of solo dungeons that seem like you should be able to open. You will eventually be able to open them every time you come back through..but, think long and hard on if you really want to because they generally don't contain anything valuable and they DO cost a very valuable key to open! Many ppl open them simply because who can resist a treasure chest, and then later on left wondering where did all their keys go..


2. Mailing to your Alt. Can be very beneficial once your mail system is unlocked, (especially now with players bouncing around trying to find a queue-free server) Before you make that Ncoin purchase just for that reason though, keep in mind the ONLY items you can mail to "Alts on different servers" are Account Bound Items!


3. Fewer Loading Screens! This one may or may not be linked to the recent server instability so please use at your own risk. When reaching a portal to another zone, or dungeon entrance, get as close to the entrance as you can and wait 7-10 seconds. Then when you walk through you should not experience any loading screen. (Been reported to help with huge lag spikes as well)

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10 hours ago, mrgedek said:

You have a damn limited selling count so stack items and try to sell that stacks but keep price a bit lower - game made limited market but didnt allow buying just one from that stack either.. ( what kind of marketing idea in mmo game i really didnt understand yet )

As you can't buy items out from stack, it's not good idea make huge piles too. If i want one item, I wont buy your 20. If i need one weapon for evolve, I don't buy your twopack ... I'd rather buy slightly more expensive one, what's sold separately.

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