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Lag of Damnation - Super Rare Item lost!


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Sorry in advance for cousing any confusion in advance-> Original Post in German


Since I dont know how to contact a GM ill do it via the Forums.



Hello NCSoft-Support Team,


I dont mind if a Online Game has Lag once in a while. But Ill start to comment and rage if something drops that is Extremely Rare and thru that technical B.S. ive lost it!


After a Day of BnS Dungeon Farming like a maniac it Finally Dropped: Merry Potter Technique - Moonwater


What happened after that is just Funny and Hateful at the same time. All Party Members Froze and nothing happened - Chat worked and PPL started to Cry including me! (BUP Disconnect)


Like that ive lost an Item that I will never be able to farm again. Plus im disappointed that a company as NCSOFT is not prepared for something like that!




Mainboard: Asus Maximus V-Gene Z77

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SSD1: Samsung 850Pro 120GB OS

SSD2: Samsung 850Pro 120GB GAME

iSCSI: Datenplatte für Temp und Co.

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit

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