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Invitation from Poharan


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Either I'm blind or this forum does not have a search function...?


Anyway, I am a level 45 and do not remember getting this quest at any point during leveling or after I hit 45.


I've been doing the four blue dungeons, but it is not giving me any kind of advancement toward the Blackram Supply Chain... any ideas about where I may be able to pick up the quest? (I have the Dokumo axe, dumb requirement on both counts)




Figured I'd try here first since support takes a week to respond to a ticket...

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Quick update.. I submitted a ticket regarding this. No response yet, but I did receive the quest in my log after dying and resing in the Orchard of Souls.


I'm guessing it was NCsoft though... either way, solution is one of those two--ticket or go die in the Orchard. /thumbsup

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