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Massive fps drops


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Hello gents.


First off, I am aware that this topic has been discussed on other threads or other forums but since i did not find a satisfactory solution i want to try my luck around here. 


So as the title states it, i do have massive fps drops, pretty much in every area, populated or not. I've played to lvl 23 with my main char, and couldn't notice any difference in drops throughout all areas i've wandered through (dungeons, towns, open world, etc.)

I spent a good amount of time experiencing around with my graphic options. Here's what i tried : 


- Max fps out vs force 60

- Max background fps

- Graphics on very low

- Native resolution vs lower resolution

- Native Nvidia settings set to max perfomance

- Fullscreen vs Windowed (Alt + Enter to get windowed fullscreen)


With the fps limit maxed out, I get a steady 120fps going, but then it will drop to 30-40 and then back up again which makes the game experience pretty laggy and stuttery.


As to my PC, here's my config: 

  • Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.4GHz
  • Memory: 8192MB RAM
  • Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680
    • Display Memory: 4042 MB
    • Dedicated Memory: 1994 MB
    • Shared Memory: 2047 MB


Thanks in advance for your input.




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Pretty unortodox, excuse me in advance but : bump. I'm really interested to know if it's my rig or game-based issues (or both), hence having input from someone that actually knows how PCs are working would be awesome 


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Edit: scratch what i said before, the 2gb shared seems to be a DXdiag bug.


You're not the only one with FPS drops. When assets are loading in the background async, or during heavy action I can also drop/lose 20-30 fps (out of 60). The only question is: How severe is it? Do you consider it intrusive, and is it persistent? But they can't be completely avoided due to said asset loads (MMO worlds are huge).


Could also try vsync on, and limit to 60 fps.

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Thank you for you answer. Althought I did not understand all of it i did get that the issue is probably on my side because my graphic card has not enough dedicated ram. 


All in all it is still playable. I've read other threads where players reported fpsdrops that made it barely impossible to move or to enjoy the game alltogether. This is not the case as my fps does not drop below 30'ish fps. The issue here, as far as i can tell, is not that i have low fps (since i usually run at 60 fps capped) but that it constantly drops (sometimes also in 1man dungeons where there are no other players and bottlenecked corridors) making the whole game experience laggy. 


To answer your question in short : persistent --> Yes , intrusive --> i could live with it and I will continue playing as I really enjoy the game but it's always worth the try to get even more out of it, since at the moment i play with graphic settings set to 3 and all effects off. 

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