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Server lag/Skills delay


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I was playing the game super great last night, after the server when down for a few time and finally stabilized I notice that my skills got delay for one second off. I went to bed. I got on game just recently to find the server still the same. This is  not on my end my ping to server is 35ms however due to this server lag i cant seem to play the game. Im wondering if you guys are fixing this meantime soon since this an ongoing issue since day one. I have followed up with a ticket and provided all the information i was requested and got no answer since its not on my end. Im currently working on my second character and cant continue on with the server lag causing my skills delay.


PS - If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know, thanks in advance.

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Id say.....Ncsoft needs to give players ping to play  or = better servers ......They got plenty of  players but servers are as low as possible to control costs,,,=they blowing out the game whit issues and (conection problems ) ,download errors,etc...

Remenbering this  game have been realeased long time ago.Only problem here is greed on company part....

They claim Free to play, but in contrast they sell a premium conection whitout waiting times on queue (so im assuming ping delay is on purpose)?

Greed is the problem.


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