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ping issue


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Don't know what's going on with EU servers, but i have constantly ping over 200ms.

My internet working fine, don't have high ping when playing other EU server based games (ping 30-60ms).

Tried playing with WTF Fast, it reduces ping to 150+ms, but still it's bad. Also it shows like server is located in Austin, TX.

Waited long for EU version but it seems it was pointless ( lol, had same ping on Chinese servers).

Any solution for this, or i was just wasting money on founder packs?

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Same for me, i thought they open EU servers, but the ping feels like its an USA server,

played lineage2 before on USA server and the ping was even less than for BnS (EU...)

You said, over 200ms, its more like over 300ms,

i too want to know whats going on, premium time is being wasted since you cant do much in game, lag is real

not to mention, that on beta it was working fine, server overload? dont think so, shouldnt be the issue

but could be that they opened so called EU servers inside of USA, or we just connect trough moon.


"for people saying : its not that bad etc, Trust me, it is BAD"


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