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Issues and fixes.


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Game client crashing, and other issues.



I've been coming across many annoying yet brain stumbling issues with Blade and Soul. We all understand games that recently get released from other regions will stumble into a few technical issues, most likely when it comes to server performance, file corruption and more... Lets dive into the popular bugs and fixes in one big thread to make your searching easier. Yes, i got irritated at first, and experienced all these issues,  but stay patient, there is a community willing to help!


First off, the issues some users are experiencing;


- Nclauncher_e01008 error  

- Game Crashing

- Game Launcher crashing 

- FPS Drop rate


Nclauncer_e01008 eror


The Nclauncher_e01008 error occurs when downloading the Game Launcher Client, and will pop-up when you try to start the Launcher to downloads and Install files for the game. When looking at this error closely, it's pretty simple why. The Launcher isn't detecting the Nclauncer update server, so it has nothing to connect to when forwarding into  the Launcher to install the game from the Game Server. The simple trick to this error is to look into your Drivers folder.


Navigate to the Directory below;




Upon this directory, find the "hosts" file. You will want to right click on the file and "Open with" any Text Editor (for myself i use Brackets, but you can use the default Notepad editor). Ignore what you see in the file. Go to a new line, copy & paste  "# updater.nclauncer.ncsoft.com" (without the double quotation marks). You may find it'll work without adding "#", but just as a precaution, add the hash-tag, as your hosts file relies on them for it to work properly. 


Game crashing


For some players, including myself, the game will crash repeatedly after around every 10-30 minutes. This can mean a stumble of reasons;


  • Your system may not meet the recommended requirements to play the game
  • Software related, such software(s) could include Firewall, Anti-Virus, or any other Third-party applications interfering with your game session. 
  • Viruses and other malicious files.


But for most gamers, those who use certain gaming peripherals that come with their software will generally be the cause of the problem. If you are Using Razer technologies (like myself), then there is an easy solution to this fix. Baring in mind, i am using Windows 10, but i'll make it simple for you!


Make sure any instances of the game, including the Game Launcher client are not running.  If you cannot tell if it's still running, go to your "Task Manager" tool (found by searching in your start menu, or easier, clicking "ALT+CTRL Delete". Once done, make your way to "Processes" click on "NClauncher Module (32 bit)"  and "End Task". Now that this is done, stay on your Task Manager, then click the option "Services", then click "Open Services", scroll down (all press R to easily navigate) till you find "Razer Chroma SDK Service", right click, and go onto "Properties", you'll find a field that says "Startup type", click on the dropdown area and choose "Disabled".


An easier, less direct and less effective approach to this is by staying on your Services within your Task Manager, find "Razer Chroma SDK Service", right click and press "Stop".


To finish off, restart your computer, and this error should be fixed!


Game Launcher Crashing


Apart from game crashing issues. Game Launcher crashes are a much different problem entirely and can be far more technical and unclear. Launcher crashes can happen due to Technical Server issues. The launcher needs the Server to connect to the game, make Updates and more if needed. If it's the Game client itself, there isn't much that can be done until the host creates a fix in an upcoming update. However, there can be other reasons to why a launcher will crash. Certain files and programs can cause the client to not work at all, these include;


-  Anti-Virus and /or Firewall (Most common)

-  Bad Internet Connection

-  Third-party software

-  Hardware

-  Viruses

- Local files 


If it's any of these, then make sure your Anti-Virus/ Firewall allows the running of your Game Launcher, or turn them off completely, if you're just playing the game, there will be no harm in turning your Anti-Virus and Firewall if needed. If you have a bad Internet Connection then it's probably best you upgrade. Nowadays, most Game Clients, and nearly all game Clients need access to Internet to run the game or Launcher (That's pretty simple, it is a MMO - Massively Muliplayer Online game). As for Third-party Software, make sure you run less applications in the background as possible, go through your Processes in your Task Manager and end processes you do nor need (DO NOT END YOUR INTEL OR ANY GRAPHICAL DRIVER MODULES, NOR MICROSOFT, SMSvcHost,exe Programs, ONLY processes like Skype, Yahoo, Tablet drivers and other applications you're aware of). Generally, the more processes running, the more juice your computer/laptop needs to run other applications, including your game.  Less is Better.


If hardware related, make sure you have  fast reliable RAM, a decent Graphics card and Processor. Otherwise your system will be getting depressed and overwhelmed with anything that takes quite a bit of power.


Local Files can be a problem, and they can generally interfere with the Launcher. Local files will include files within the Launcher, such as GameGuard and your Bin folder. As i said before, the Launcher crashes may be the Launcher itself, and not your System, so the following issues may or may not work. But for some, they do. Sometimes, Guard Software made with Game Launchers can be buggy when loading your Launcher. Navigate to the directory from where you installed the game, go into "GameGuard" and delete this folder. Once deleted, open the Launcher and click "Repair". The repair tool will go through any corrupted, missing, out of place files and it will repair or re-install them to where they should be. It acts as a basic clean install within it's own directories. After you have done this, restart your computer and launch it, hopefully this works! You can also try the similar process, but with the "Bin" folder. If this doesn't work, try Uninstalling the entire game, and Re-installing it.


FPS Drop Rate


For many people in-game, FPS Drops are quite common, this can be due to Graphical and Texture Rendering, slow servers and many other reasons. Make sure you have less applications running in the background, lower the graphics in-game. FPS Drop Rate can happen more commonly when playing within Windowed Mode, an easy fix to this is use Fullscreen. Make sure you have a decent system. Sometimes, Sync features like Vsync can be the cause for Performance issues, if need be, un-tick them options. However, most commonly, FPS Drop Rate will be a Server issue, so there will be a fix eventually, give ncsoft time!


I hope you found this thread useful. I will edit this thread if I find anymore bugs, fixes and better fixes in the future. If you need anymore help, just contact me!












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