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I guess I should make this a bug topic since it's existed for me for a long time... the forums have had a lot of bugs. I will log in, and depending on which topic I click to read, it will sometimes log me out for some reason and I have to log in again. This seemingly happens at random, and it's frustrating because once I log in again I lose where I was. Also, I can't change my own account settings. I can change my password, but if I try to do something like click on "edit profile" because I would like to change my location (it says "in the trash" back when the forums used to say stuff like "location:" but now I want to put my server on it because it looks awkward as it is now), it will pop up saying "you do not have permission to do this". 


Anyway, apologies if this was already posted at some point in time. There's no search bar (it appears and then disappears). 

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