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Tooltips and engrish, detail needed


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I've been playing the game a while, love the game, but I think the tooltips in the martial tome definitely need working on. I love the skills, the game has definitely drawn me in to be a long time player compared to other mmos.

Anyway the point I'm trying to make is: I think the tooltips are quite unclear in what they say. Like for example on the summoner: Rosethorn tier 2, stage 1: Increases ranged attack speed Rosethorn tier 3, stage 1: Increases attack speed. Increases ranged attack speed.

What is the difference between the attack speed of rose thorn and its ranged attack speed? Isn't it the same thing? Unless it means that it also increases your other abilities attack speed or something? What are the numbers?

What about the familar's lunge? "Increases charging speed" How much of a speed difference is it? Is it worth the upgrade? Lots of questions.

Also, alot of detail is lost on the tooltips which makes alot of stuff unclear, and there's alot of broken english, for example: Familiar resurrect: When hit while casting cancelled. It could simply be worded like: "On hit, casting is cancelled."

Also on my Destroyer: Eradicate, Tier 2 stage 4 ability upgrade. It turns the skill into a chain skill without even telling you. All it says is: Inflicts 502-606 Shadow damage After hitting Repulse inflicts additional 283-342 shadow damage

I then spent the next 5 minutes looking through my martial tome for a 'Repulse' skill.

Very confusing, as it should state: "Adds a chain skill called Repulse to your right click." just to be more clear.

I could only find out what repulse was by quickly mousing over the icon quickly after using the skill.

Also, it doesn't tell you that you can now move while using your right click. I had to find out for myself.

How has this gone through beta without any of these language problems being fixed or anything being made more clear? Hopefully this all is known and will be fixed soon.

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