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necklaces for specific classes info


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I think i should post it there. Im triying to find info about the necklaces for specific classes.

I know in the korean server they are 4 kinds of necklaces for each class, But i dont see any info about our servers. I got one of these necklaces, but the stats doesnt match with the stats that i find in the old korean guides.

So, my questions if anyone has discovered info about are:
1º As i asked some high lvls and no one got info while they farming and farming dungeons, Is there the lvl 45 necklaces implented? Does anyone got any of them? (I got the lvl 20 ones)
2º They are just necklaces? or are special earrings and rings too?
And last: I suppose the answeer, but are them all the same kind? Its to say... the necklace for forcemaster and kung fu master are different kind, but all the necklaces for forcemaster of same lvl are the same kind of necklace? or u can get a random kind? (For example health necklace / critical necklace / Atack necklace...)

For be clear, im not talking about the hoongmoon evolves or the usual drop on dungeons or boxes with generic jewerly for all clasees. Im talking about a kind of necklaces only ussables for his own specific class. And as far as i saw, mostly people didnt notice they exist when they loot and bid....


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Hello this is one class necklace from Tomb of Exiles,i was farming for my summoner class necklace but till now i didnt drop.I dont know about other class necklace stats so i will start from it if you want help other players add your class necklace :)





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I think some of the class specific accessory drops are bugged and not giving correct stats.  I was running Tomb of Exile as well and got this to drop http://imgur.com/DTjY1xJ.  All the signs point to it suppose to it being better for example the upgrade path is twice as long as the starting Hongmoon one.  As well it's got a required starting level higher than Hongmoon in addition too being worth a base sell of 3 copper when everything I have received up until this point only had a value of 1 copper.  Additionally I think I've run Tomb of Exile now 20-30 times and have not seen another class specific drop come up so again you would think with that sort of RNG drop it would be better than the Hongmoon one.  I was trying to find other info and I can't remember where I found it, but it was a screenshot of my same necklace although it had a 20% critical damage bonus as well as a bonus to critical attack, (think it was a shot from Korean) .....which ya know would be kind of sweet for my class... Maybe a fix for a future update?

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