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Trappers Profession all descriptions are wrong! (Tree Fellers has one bad description too)


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I just noticed that the names of the Orders do not match the names of the product that comes out:


Clicking on Whole Chicken tells me I will make Chicken Meat (That's probably the only correct one).

Iron Ox Meat order gives Fox Meat

Gnarlhorn Meat order gives Wolf Meat

Scalebeak Bone order gives Chicken Bone

Iron Ox Bone order gives Fox Bone

Gnarlhorn Bone order gives Wolf Bone


For Tree Fellers:

Yulan Magnolia Log order gives Paulownia

Yulan Magnolia Sap order gives Paulownia Sap


The rest of Tree Fellers is fine in description. 


Seeing that the end product of Acquired Taste is: Seasoned Ox and SSeasoned Gnarlhorn, I think Fox Meat and Wolf Meat need to be renamed, as well as the bones mentioned before. 

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