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Anyone encountering Sound/Music jittering on a 970m?


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Playing this on a Gaming Laptop:

I'm using:

Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor

NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970M 3GB GDDR5 Graphics

8GB DDR4 2133mhz


And i'm encountering constant sound jittering. Sound and music sound as if its laggy.

This happens even when i'm on the Character Selection screen.

Have already set Client.exe to make use of my gfx card, set power management to Max Performance but problem persists.


Now before you point fingers at shout: "Gaming Laptop??? PFFTTT!!! Get a REAL gaming PC Noobz",

I have absolutely no graphic or sound issues running China BnS client on my laptop. It runs smooth as butter.


I'm guessing the NA version of BnS isn't yet optimized for gaming laptops?
Could it be lag? I'm from Oceanic, surely it can't be lag that causes sound/music jittering....right?


Anyone else out there encountering this too?

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