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PC help, please?


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Hey all,


I recently got more RAM and a new GPU for my PC, but I'm still struggling with my frame rate in 6+ person/monster fighting situations, even with characters turned off. I also use WTFast though a Florida server averaging 25ms ping.


Normally I range 40-60 fps, but on those particular boss fights and grouped mobs, I am usually at 12fps, and often get 0 fps for 50-80% of the fight.


Can someone point out what's wrong? I am tired of trying to fix this, but getting the source of the problem wrong.





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From what I understood, BnS is more CPU heavy than GPU, so you could try giving it high priority from windows taskmanager. Also, don't keep any other applications on while playing.

Anyway, you shouldnt have such issues, my brother's computer also runs on a 960 and he has no problems, worst it gets is 25-30 with everything on.

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Turned off WTFast,

priority on High/Realtime in task manager,

no other programs open,

anti-aliasing turned on to FXAA setting 2,

added BnS to NVIDIA optimization list...


Better, but still having 5-10second frame rate freezes. 


Help me.... ;___;

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Seems that video card is based off a lesser chip. I would've gone with a new AMD 300 series since they are dx12 ready. All of the Nvidia card on the market right now arent dx12 ready and I wouldn't waste the money until nvidia has fully compliant dx12 cards on shelves if one is focus on having nvidia.


Also mixing AMD with Nvidia is bound to have conflicts since Intel is Nvidia daddy.


I would personally look for stripped down drivers for the nvidia card. See if maybbe the bloatware they have is causing some issues.

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Hi try using an older version of windows, I had win 10 with gtx960 and an i5 averaging 30fps max, and maybe 2-3fps lowest. I reinstalled Windows 7, and i now hit 120fps pretty consistently. My logic is that this is an old game, designed on old software. This game is not CPU intensive as they say... and your hardware is great and will chew it up and spit it out 60fps no problem. Its a a hassle thats a given, but I went from 3 fps to 120fps so yeh, it worked for me.

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Problem is not videocard. GTX 960 2 GB is more than enough to run BnS - and talking about DX12 in a game that only supports DX9 is not really useful.



GPU : GTX 960 2 GB check

Ram: 16 GB DDR3-1600 Mhz CL 9 check

CPU : FX-8320 semi-check. An Intel-core would give better frames, not hugely though. BnS supports intel cores better. i5 haswell or skylake @ 3.7 or higher Ghz.

Storage : ? suggested SSD + HD (install OS and game on SSD)


- As for priority - don´t set it to realtime - set it to high at most.

- Temps are important too. Whats your temp ingame ?

- OS version? / recommended Win7 or Win10

- Update drivers, close Nvidia Experience.

- Note that BnS has issues with Razor Chroma and Asus Mobos.

- Run game in 1980x1080 and Fullscreen


Report with results and good luck ~

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