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How to get Good Items


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Good day to everyone! Finally, the wait is over. BnS is free and open for all.

Watched videos of BnS, and the game is OP!


but ive got questions, while i am still downloading the game. 


  • First and foremost, what is the MAX Level?
  • How hard it is to get better gears? (without donating)
  • Where is the server located?
  • What is the recommended ms/ping in this game?
  • I live in the Philippines, and believed the server is far from my location, so is there any ping reducer for this game? (this is the most important thing for me, because playing OP game but with high ms, still svcks.)
  • Are the staff friendly? :) 



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-Max level is currently 45, soon to be 50. (Within a few months)


-Not too hard, it just doesn't happen overnight. Takes a few weeks of dailies to get enough gold to craft the upgrade materials. (You keep the same gear most of the time, you simply upgrade it. But you can change its appearance.)


-NA servers are in Dallas, Texas, Eu servers are in Frankfurt, Germany.


-Depends on your class, obviously some classes are better with lower ping but there are pros that thrived in other versions of the game with ping as high as 150-200. Combo classes like KFM and Assassin a bit less forgiving.


-I don't know much about ping enhancing programs but I heard of WTFast often, might wanna give that a shot.


-No idea, still hectic after launch so they have other stuff to deal with. I saw that they started answering on forums so there's that.

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I wouldn't recommend Kurotsuki's suggestion of using WTFast or other GPN's, there is the risk of your account being banned.


As for better gear, the general idea is to keep your Hongmoon equipment - you will get them as you progress the story so you won't be farming those and do not spend your viridian tokens on them, instead spend them on the soul shield set (when you get to Jadestone village).


You want to enhance your Hongmoon equipment by using any other equipment - otherthan any equipment required for breakthrough. You can check which equipment is required for breakthrough on the first tab (looks like a search icon) of the enhancement window.


'Breakthrough' is required when you get to stage 5/10 of enhancement. You cannot progress past Stage 5 until you enhance the equipment with the equipment/material it wants, and then same at Stage 10 - but enhancement level goes back to 1 after 10 and your weapon appearance/name changes and the max stats increase and then you repeat the process.


The amount of enhancement exp required increases as you do breakthroughs so you'll notice that feeding it lower quality equipment will begin to only give a small amount. You'll get these coloured stones throughout your levelling journey which mention that they give a % of enhancement exp, you will want to save these for later breakthroughs.

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